Wahala Publishing House publishes textbooks and educational materials including pamphlets, posters, charts and other teaching and learning aids.

Specific activities include:

  • Publish and distribute books for elementary, secondary, tertiary and technical and vocational education in Liberia
  • Encourage and provide publishing opportunities for Liberian authors
  • Cooperate with the Ministry of Education of Liberia in providing cultural-sensitive educational materials to meet the curriculum requirements prescribed by the Ministry;
  • Cooperate with international publishers and secure copyrights to publish and distribute in Liberia, books and others publications for university, professional and technical courses, especially those related to national development.
  • Publish and distribute novels, short stories and other reading materials rooted in the Liberian and African experience to stimulate among Liberians an affection for reading and to expand the reading public in Liberia
  • Publish and distribute peacebuilding, civic education and conflict transformation literature so as to contribute to consolidating peace and reconciliation and building citizenship in all aspects of life in Liberia.
  • Join the efforts to promote literacy by producing reading materials for literacy programs and for new literates and individuals of limited literacy skills, especially for women
  • Contribute to individual and community empowerment through literacy and education.
  • Cooperate with other national and international organizations dedicated to undertaking empowerment activities through education and skill development.